Laptop and AIO Repair

Faulty laptop or All In One PC can drastically change your daily life. It can influence your work, studying or leisure. Our service center is ready to help you in testing and repairing your device.

There are plenty of causes when your laptop or AIO requires cleaning, replacing or repairing the faulty parts.

Our technicians have an extensive experience in repairing, they will qualitatively clean your laptop and change thermal grease, replace the display, DC jack, keyboard, cables and housing elements, audio and USB jacks, video processor or any other part replacement for both SMT and BGA mounting. Carry out any motherboard repair including liquid ingress.

The most up to date equipment and accessories ensure high quality and quick repairing of your device.

The process consists of:

  • Delivery of the faulty device to our center (courier delivery is available for an additional fee)
  • Diagnostic
    The troubleshooting and malfunction discovery is sometimes a time consuming process and may require several days. In most cases full and complete diagnostics is free of charge even if the client forgoes a repair after the diagnostics. Free of charge diagnostics does not apply for liquid ingress malfunctions.
  • Prices and terms agreement
    The terms depend on the complexity of the repair and components availability.
  • Repair process
    The faulty parts replacement, integrated maintenance, the cooling system and inner parts cleaning.
  • Quality control
  • Returning the device back to a client.

Please pay attention!
We will not be responsible for any loss of data during the diagnostics and repairs. Please make sure that all your files are properly backed up in case the original is accidentally damaged or erased.
We guarantee data confidentiality.