Industrial Electronics Repair

The foundation of any industrial enterprise is industrial equipment. Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine industrial equipment without electronics. It is clear that the failure of the industrial electronics results in huge losses for the company because of the termination of output due to downtime.

It’s a well known fact that in contrast to the consumer electronics, industrial electronics is used in industrial equipment manufacturing due to its complicated tasks designed and manufactured to meet the increasing requirements for the term of operation, the quality of the components and stability. That’s why repairing in the field of industrial electronics belongs to the highest category of complexity because it requires high level of knowledge in electronics, high engineering skill, considerable experience and skills to diagnose the problem correctly most of the time without schematic diagrams. Of course, special control equipment and maintenance equipment is needed.

Most manufactures do not produce industrial equipment repair of electronics at the component level soldering because it's not profitable. They prefer to replace the failed node or entire block. But for a client, it is more important the price that is definitely cheaper to only repair a chip on the circuit board or transistor than to replace it. Of course, in such a situation, a client will look for a block repair, but its replacement.

We repair special industrial electronics at the level of soldering electronic components of any complexity. We repair operator panels and industrial monitors, controllers, expansion modules and industrial switching power supplies, temperature controllers, power electronics for various purposes, industrial computers, intellectual and interface boards of automated lines, machine tools, machinery, such as medical and automotive equipment.

Cost agreement is set only after carrying out a required and full diagnostic. If the client decides to proceed repair, the diagnostics part is free. The troubleshooting and malfunction discovery is sometimes a time consuming process and may require several days. The terms depend on the complexity of the repair and components availability. If there are all necessary parts, repairing will take from 3 to 7 days. In the absence of necessary spare parts, repair period may last up to 30 days, as the required spare parts have to be ordered, or we have to search for a suitable donor.